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Also one of the alloy wheels was in need of some attention, having recently encountered the edge of a kerb!

To begin with the number plates were removed to allow for more thorough cleaning and to allow the protective sealant to be applied over the whole car. The tiny, hot particles attach readily to wheels and bodywork and if left untreated may cause permanent pitting on the surface. Q2M Iron is a sprayable gel that clings to vertical surfaces for longer working times and changes colour when activated on contact with the particles.

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When colour development has peaked the solution can be rinsed away, safely carrying the contamination with it. The thick foam generated clings to the surface and lifts larger particles of dirt and grit away, allowing them to be rinsed clear prior to the main wash. The car was then dried with ultra-soft microfibre drying towels before being moved into the studio. The damaged wheel was removed and sent for refurbishing, multiple paint depth mesurements taken and the paintwork closely inspected under high intensity lighting to reveal any damage.

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Prior to machine polishing the stone chips required attending to. This fills in the gouge left by the stone chip, raising it to a similar level as the rest of the paint. Once dry, the treated area is smoothed with a special blending solution and then allowed to cure before finally being machine polished.

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The abrasives contained within S20 diminish as they are worked, correcting and then refining the paintwork in one stage to leave a high gloss, blemish and hologram-free finish. The newly repaired wheel arrived back from the specialist refurbishers and after close scrutiny was found to be in perfect condition. It was placed back on to the car and then the paintwork and wheels were cleansed using GYEON Q2M Prep , ensuring the surfaces were completely free of any polish residues that would interfere with the bonding process of the sealant.

Q2 Mohs is a nanotechnology-based quartz coating with a hardness of around 9H on the Mohs scale. Q2 Bead is a new, innovative product unique in its formulation. Many nanotechnology-based sealants rely on strong chemical bonds to form a hard, sacrificial glass-like protective layer, or they take a crystallised lattice formation.

Q2 Bead is different, laying down an amorphous unstructured hybrid organic-silica coating. Structured coatings have preferred lines of cleavage; they tend to break into regular shapes along the grain of their crystal structure. Amorphous materials do not have an organised crystal structure and therefore tend to be tougher and more resistant to pressure.

As a result Durabead is inherently resistant to swirls and scratches. In addition, Durabead has been enhanced with fluorine to impart significantly boost the hydrophobic properties: Durabead is applied as a three-stage process. Initially Q2 Mohs is pipetted onto a suede applicator cloth and then wiped lightly over a panel at a time.

New Ford Fiesta Deep Impact Blue

The panel is then carefully buffed with a non-scratch microfibre to remove any excess, particular attention being paid to avoid hazy patches which can be caused by excess product. After the second coat of Mohs, the panels were heated to sixty degrees Celsius with infrared lamps to accelerate the curing process which under normal circumstances would take around 4 hours.

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Once all the panels had been over coated with Q2 Bead the ST was stored in the studio, away from the elements, for twenty-four hours to allow the coatings to fully harden. Once cured, Q2 Durabead requires machine polishing to remove and as such is available for application by professionals only through the GYEON-approved detailing network.

The glass was cleaned and then sealed using GYEON Q2 View , a hydrophobic coating which causes rain water to roll into beads on contact and allows them to be easily blown away whilst driving at relatively low speeds.

The Focus ST-3 looked absolutely stunning, the clarity of the paintwork fully restored and ready for at least 2 years of protection against the elements. Call to discuss your requirements and arrange a free vehicle appraisal.

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